Issue 4 of Imagine the World as One: A Disability Lifestyle Magazine is out now! You can view it here!

On the left side of the image, large bold black text reads “Imagine the World as One” Smaller text below this reads “A Disability Lifestyle Magazine.” On the right side of the screen is a picture of a women wearing a straw hat with a black ribbon around it. She is wear a long sleeved bluish-grey shirt and blue jeans and white strappy high heeled sandals She is kneeling in front of a woman in a wheelchair wearing a short sleeved white t-shirt, white pants, and tan looking shoes.
One one side of the image is the back sides of two people, both left left amputees, shown from the middle of their backs down to their feet. The man wears a plaid long sleeved shirt and blue jean shorts. The women wears an orange coat and red shirt with a tan back back and blue jean pants. On the left side of the image is a box thinly outline in black. Text within it reads: Submit to us. Text on three lines below reads find out to get your article in IWO by clicking here.
Black text in capitol letters says “Website exclusives.” The text appears in a box outline in a black rectangle. Below this on the left side, black text reads “Podcasts the editors have appeared on.” Three images appear on the right of the text. One is two hands of different shades of brown holding each other’s wrists. A large yellow letter “I” outlined in white is visible on top of the hands. The words “Intersectional Insights” appear in white text over the yellow The background of the image Various words colored in a yellow background are visible such as “black, disability, and women, To the right of this is another image with a dark blue background, and in the middle of it, a large graphic of a grey microphone. Orange letters appear over the microphone which reads “Diversability Amplified.” The third image is of many bubbles and circles made up of many different colors, predominantly shades of red, yellow and blue. Text on the image in white letters reads “Proudly Differently Abled”
Image description: Text in all capitol letters in a thinly outlined rectangular box reads “Past Issues.” Below this are three images of magazine covers. The first one shows an African American women wearing red lipstick, a black sweater and black pants with short brown hair smiling an sitting at a desk. on top of the image in blue text “Imagine” appears as large text on one line with “the world as one” appearing in smaller text on the line below. On the same line in much smaller letters on the right side of the image the words “Issue 1, Fall 2020” appear. Text reading “An exclusive disability lifestyle magazine” appears on the line below. Large blue text below this reads “Wendy Talley.” Smaller blue text on a line below this reads “overcoming obstacles in life.” Overcoming obstacles in life. The second image shows Tekki Lomnicki,. A Caucasian woman with shoulder length brown hair wearing red lipstick, smiling. She wears a necklace and a black top against the black background of the cover, Whit text appears against the black background which read “Imagine” on one line and “the World as One” Magazine in smaller text on the line below. White text below on the left side of the cover reads “Tekki Lomnick:i Theatre director shares her 30-year journey as artistic director of Tellin’ Tales Theatre. A Chicago-based mixed abilities Theatre group.” White text below this reads “Plus: Finding love with a disability-There’s the journey to find it, and then there’s what happens once you find it.” The third image shows Pink letters on the left side of the page appear at the top of the image that say “Imagine” in large pink letters on one line and “The World as One” on second line in smaller pink letters below. On the right side the page on the same line as “as the world as one” in much smaller letters text appears which says “Issue 3. Spring 2021.” In small text on the line below that text appears which says “an exclusive disability lifestyle magazine.” On the left side of the page below the cover’s title and subtitle pink text appears which says “Stephanie Woodward and the power of female representation in the disability rights movement.” pink text below this says “Plus disability representation in film.” A line below this in pink text reads “And agriculture and success for people with disabilities”

“Disability is an art. It’s an ingenious way to live.”

-Neil Marcus

Between two black lines appears the quote “Disability is an art. It’s an ingenious way to live.” Below this appears the text “-Neil Marcus” to whom the quote is credited.

Image description: Text in all capital letters on the left side of the image reads connect with us. Text beneath this reads “Questions about submitting to IWO or advertising with us? You can email us at magazine@goteamevan.com. On the right side of a text is a picture of a laptop on a lightly brown colored wooden table. On the right side of the laptop is a a phone on a note bad and a small cactus plant. A chair at the head of the table is also visible. On the right side of the laptop is a white coffee mug.

Black bold text in a rectangle outlined in black reads:

Mission: Imagine the World as One (IWO) Magazine seeks to elevate and spotlight the disability experience. We champion and showcase the disability lifestyle by empowering journalists with disabilities to share their extraordinary experiences. Vision: As an internationally recognized disability lifestyle magazine, our focus is on human potential. Imagine the World as One (IWO) creates a connection between the readers and our journalists in a meaningful and empowering manner. We inspire those living a disabled lifestyle to dream bigger by providing real-life examples of those who have moved from limited to limitless

Image description: Black Text on the left side of the images reads: “Advertise with us: Interested in promoting your product or brand to a captive and diverse audience? Consider advertising with IWO.” On the right side of the image is a picture of a bridge at dusk with a billboard on the side of it which displays the text “Your Ad here”

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